Legal Notice – Democratic Party of McKinley County Ward Elections for Pre-Primary delegates

Legal Notice:

Notice is hereby given that the Democratic Party of McKinley County will hold its Ward elections for Pre-Primary delegates to the State Pre-Primary Convention and conduct its Pre-Primary Convention to confirm the election of said delegates, to hear from candidates and for such other business as may come before it on the 24th day of February at noon at Veterans Hall, 908 E Buena Vista Ave, Gallup, NM 87301. Registration will commence at 11 am and close promptly at noon.

State Central Committee members and Pre-Primary Delegates and Alternates will attend the State Pre-Primary Convention on Saturday March 10, 2018 at the Albuquerque Convention Center. McKinley County is allocated 40 additional Pre-Primary delegates of which 36 are allocated to Congressional District 3 and 4 to Congressional District 2.

For more information contact:
Democratic Party of McKinley County

Governor Martinez Attempts to Take Away Services from New Mexicans, Again

New Mexico – After alarming reports of Governor Susana Martinez’s administration ending a key contract with a senior service provider, Non-Metro Area Agency on Aging, the Democratic Party of New Mexico pointed to a disturbing pattern from Republicans in the state.

“Governor Martinez and Republicans in the state have an egregious pattern of taking away services New Mexicans need,” said Richard Ellenberg, Chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. “Since her time in office Governor Martinez has disrupted behavioral health and substance abuse programs for thousands of New Mexicans, fraudulently changed food assistance applications, and now they’re targeting ‘Meals on Wheels’ among many other services for seniors.”

According to KRQE News 13, the Non-Metro Area Agency on Aging manages services of “65 different senior service programs, spanning across every single New Mexico county, except for Bernalillo” including “‘Meals on Wheels,’ group meals at senior centers, respite care, homemaker services and senior transportation services.”

Chair Ellenberg went on to point out that Republicans in Congress targeted the “Meals on Wheels” program during Congressional budget negotiations, “It’s obvious that Republicans don’t know what’s important–the proposed federal budget included an attack on seniors, and Steve Pearce voted to take away services when he voted for the GOP tax bill. We need leaders who understand the needs of our state, not push an extreme Republican agenda that has already failed our New Mexico.”



In 2013, Governor Susana Martinez brought allegations of fraud against 15 New Mexico behavioral and mental health providers causing a serious deficit in behavioral and mental health services across the state. In 2016, New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas cleared all 15 of those providers of wrongdoing, revealing the needless disruption in service caused by the Republican administration.

Ultimately this egregious abuse of power cost taxpayers $28.8 million dollars to chase what was ultimately found to be $1.16 million in billing irregularities. Governor Martinez brought in five out-of-state companies to provide services on $17 million government contracts. Since then, the majority of those providers have left the state taking jobs and leaving patients without access to health services in their communities.

In addition, the gross mismanagement on behalf of the Republican Governor’s office, killed nearly 2000 good-paying, professional jobs in the state, as reported by the behavioral health care providers, and forced many providers who had been part of the New Mexico community for decades to close their doors.

In April of 2016, employees at the Human Services Department came forward to reveal that they were pressured to change income claims on SNAP applications that would have otherwise qualified for expedited processing. As a result, New Mexico families in dire need of food did not receive benefits in a timely manner as required.


DPNM: A Budget for New Mexicans

The Democratic Party of New Mexico released the following statement after the Democratic leaders of the Legislative Finance Committee (LFC) Patty Lundstrom (D-Gallup) and John Arthur Smith (D-Deming) released budget priorities for the 2018 Legislative Session, which include raises for state workers and teachers and a boost to recruit and retain more law enforcement officers.

“This is a budget for New Mexicans. The budget priorities included in this year’s LFC proposal reflect a focus on education, good paying jobs, public safety, healthcare, and New Mexico kids. We look forward to helping Democrats work for our communities in the upcoming legislative session.”

More information on the LFC proposal can be found here.

GOP bill is tax scam, not tax reform

Please see the following op-ed by Democratic Party of New Mexico Chair Richard Ellenberg outlining the devastating effects of the Republican proposal to raise taxes on everyday New Mexicans to pay for huge tax breaks for large corporations and the wealthiest. 
The piece ran in the Las Cruces Sun-News over the weekend. 
Richard Ellenberg
Published 8:46 p.m. MT Dec. 16, 2017
We all know that we need a simpler, more transparent tax system. But what Republicans, including Congressman Steve Pearce, are trying to pass under the guise of tax reform is not tax reform — it’s a scam. It’s a scam that will force ordinary Americans to pay for tax breaks for the wealthiest and largest corporations.
New Mexicans deserve to know how the Republican tax scam will impact our families.
The Senate Republican tax scam would increase the average New Mexico family’s taxes by approximately $100, according to the Institute on Taxation and Economic policy. You want to know what $100 means to a family? It’s two to three tanks of gas, a week’s worth of groceries, a month’s electricity bill … these are the things that the Republicans want to take away from New Mexico families.
And what exactly will this tax increase pay for? Huge tax breaks for the wealthiest individuals and corporations — they will see their taxes decrease by more than $4,000 under the same bill.
Democrats in New Mexico’s congressional delegation voted against this scam, while Steve Pearce supported forcing New Mexicans to pay for his well-connected friends’ tax break. And just last week, Governor Martinez voiced her support for the scam, which is no surprise considering the fact that it will put 1,214 educators at risk of losing their jobs.
Tax reform is needed and can be done with bipartisan support. Democrats are eager to work on a tax plan that will be fair and benefit everyday New Mexicans. Instead, Republicans are forcing their irresponsible bill through a process without public support, without regular order, and without giving voting members of Congress the ability to review the bill. It’s shameful.
On top of all that, the Republican tax scam has serious consequences for our nation’s economic security. Without investing a dollar in our communities, this bill will cost $1 trillion in lost revenue due to tax breaks. Republicans talk a lot about the deficit, using scare tactics when Democrats want to invest in our communities. But when it helps their donors, their concerns disappear. And this tax scam is just one step in a process to take away many other services from New Mexicans. Republicans are planning for this huge increase in the deficit, so they can use that as a reason to cut Social Security and Medicare. The Republicans plan to pay for their tax breaks on the backs of working families. It’s not right.
Congressman Steve Pearce and Republican Governor Susana Martinez support a scam that gives President Trump and his well-connected friends with the most money more money, while New Mexicans suffer to pay for it.
Democrats want real tax reform that helps New Mexico families and makes a fair playing field for everyone.
We encourage everyone to call Congressman Steve Pearce and tell him that we know his tax bill is a scam, and that we won’t forget this scheme when he asks for our vote next November.
Richard Ellenberg is chairman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico.

Democratic Party of New Mexico Moves on Trailblazing Sexual Harassment Prevention Program

The Democratic Party of New Mexico (DPNM) is moving on their trailblazing sexual harassment prevention program. Today, DPNM released their policy to proactively prevent sexual harassment and assault by requiring candidates to complete a comprehensive training program with a focus on creating safe work environments and implementing effective reporting guidelines. New Mexico’s state Democratic Party is one of the first state party organizations to implement a policy of this kind in the country.

The Democratic Party of New Mexico requested the assistance of the New Mexico Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs (NMCSAP) to ensure there are clear and specific guidelines to increase the impact on building workplaces where volunteers, canvassers, and staff feel safe and empowered.

The outline of the policy states, “The Democratic Party of New Mexico acknowledges that sexual harassment, assault, and violence is a pervasive issue that plagues both sides of the political spectrum and is far-reaching in society. With community action on this issue, we are focused on proactively preventing sexual harassment and assault, creating an environment where anyone feels safe coming forward and setting the standard to build work environments that are professional and respectful.”

The program announcement is just the first step in setting clear guidelines that seek to set a gold standard of conduct for all New Mexico political campaigns. The Democratic Party of New Mexico is currently developing specific guidelines with the expertise of NMCASP that will be distributed to campaigns early next year.

Kim Alaburda, Executive Director of the New Mexico Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs said, “Our organization is tackling this issue head-on and we’ve seen an outpouring of requests for information. We are putting our focus on creating substantive changes. The Democratic Party of New Mexico has taken an important step to combat sexual violence. As we move forward, we will be developing comprehensive programs that will create a culture of accountability, respect, and dignity in the workplace. We welcome other parties and agencies to follow the Democratic Party of New Mexico’s lead.”

Specifically, the program:

  • Requires candidates to complete a sexual harassment prevention training session in its entirety in order to receive support the State Party provides;

  • Requires that each campaign have a robust anti-sexual harassment policy that includes independent review and investigation of reported harassment that protects the privacy of the person who experienced harassment, a highly structured disciplinary action plan, anti-retaliation clause, reporting guidelines, canvasser and volunteer safety, and disclosure transparency;

  • Enforces the new policy by limiting resources available through the State Party if requirements are not met, including access to the voter file, data support and training, volunteer-based outreach, public speaking opportunities at State Party Events, press assistance, social media advisement, featured promotion on State Party literature or email program, event access, and administrative support.

The program outline is available here.

DPNM: It’s clear Pearce is playing politics with the lives of women, their families

New Mexico – Today, Steve Pearce put out a press release touting the fact that he continues his long effort to limit New Mexico family choices and play politics with women’s health.

“New Mexico is a place where women are respected and feel safe making personal decisions about their own health without government interference. It’s clear Pearce is playing politics with the lives of women and their families by pushing a wedge issue that doesn’t have anything to do with the health of New Mexico families,” said Richard Ellenberg, Chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico.

Steve Pearce has a long history of obstructing women’s health initiatives. In 2015, he supported a measure that would have limited state funding for Planned Parenthood, an organization that provides contraceptive treatment, cancer prevention screening, and other primary health services. When Pearce pushed this issue in 2016, there was a clear indication that his panel inappropriately used taxpayer dollars on a report which sought to criminalize women’s healthcare providers in the state. And just this year, Pearce fundraised on his attack against women’s health.