Current Open Positions with the DPMC

The Democratic Party of McKinley County is looking to strengthen the leadership team across the county. If you are interested in participating there are a large number of roles that need to be filled.

Open Positions:

If you are interested in any of these positions contact Cas Hoefman at (312) 607-0740 or by e-mail at

McKinley County Federation of Democratic Women Founding Meeting

Join the McKinley County Federation of Democratic Women for their Founding Meeting this coming Saturday at Camille’s Sidewalk Cafe in Gallup from 10:30am to 12:30am.

Goals of the New Mexico Federation of Democratic Women (NMFDW) are to:

  • Inform and educate the members on issues and activities vital to Democrats
  • Support the Democratic Party of New Mexico
  • Encourage NMFDW members to become involved in the political process at county, state and national levels
  • Promote opportunities for education and training of the membership

NMFDW membership is open to all registered Democrats. If there is a chapter in a county, members must belong to that organization. If no chapter exists in a county, membership can be acquired through NMFDW. 

Meet and Greet with Jeff Carr, Candidate for Lt Governor of NM

Come meet with Jeff Carr, Candidate for Lt Governor of NM, at Gallup Coffee Company on August 23rd at 5pm.

About the candidate:

I currently live in Eagle Nest, NM with my wife. My wife and I are both teachers. My daughter graduated from NMSU and is currently communications director for the NM American Federation of Teachers. I have taught history for 26 years, worked as a Stock Broker, Commercial Insurance Agent, and Nuclear Weapons Specialist in the USAF and a Combat Heavy Engineer Platoon Leader in the US Army National Guard as a Captain. I have a BA and MA in History from Louisiana Tech University, a BA in Social Studies Education and 45 Hours of additional graduate work in Education Administration. I am a certified teacher in Social Studies, Language Arts, Performing Arts, Coaching and Administration. I was a Municipal Judge and Mayor Pro Tem where I live in Eagle Nest, I ran for State Senate in 2008, and I have served in the NM Public Education Commission 2009-2017. I am a Red Cross Volunteer, guitarist, singer, hiker and I am active in politics for the primary purpose of improving the state of New Mexico to provide a better life for us all and a better future for our children.

Apo Tour, Jeff Apodaca visiting Gallup


How do we turn New Mexico around? Meet Jeff Apodaca, Democratic candidate for Governor, at APO Tour events across New Mexico. APO Tour is a “TED Talk” style event, with an engaging multimedia presentation on how to create 225,000 new jobs and bring real change to New Mexico. You will hear Jeff’s ideas and vision for the state, and have the opportunity to ask questions and propose your own ideas in an open conversation on how we create a better way forward. Join the conversation to turn New Mexico around at the APO Tour event in Gallup on August 1st at 5pm at the Hilton Garden.

All the Way, HBO film on LBJ and MLK

All the Way documents the process of passing the Civil Rights Act and offers insight into the internal workings of politics at the highest level. The film tells the story of Lyndon Johnson’s first year as President, exploring his struggles to address the interests of both the Southern Democratic Party and the Civil Rights Movement, and details Martin Luther King, Jr’s struggle to hold together the multiple elements of the Movement in the campaign to pass the historic legislation.

Watch the movie at:

The Secret Shame of Middle Class Americans

A large portion of Middle Class America lives paycheck to paycheck, struggling privately while outwardly projecting financial stability. This article explores the prevalence of financial impotence and the underlying economic trends. Gabler argues that financial impotence and fear of failure “diminish our national spirit.” Perhaps by acknowledging these hidden financial struggles, Americans can begin to articulate a new vision for the future.

Read more at:

God’s Politics: Why the Right Gets it Wrong and the Left Doesn’t Get It

Wallis discusses the role of religion in politics and explores the disconnect between Right and Left framings. Critiquing the approaches of both camps, Wallis offers a vision for incorporating religious and moral values into movements for social and political change. The final chapter (posted here) discusses how to move past cynicism and into hopeful, deep connections with others.

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