DPNM Statement on Judge Judith Herrera’s Ruling on Pearce Congressional Campaign Cash

New Mexico – The Democratic Party of New Mexico released the following statement after United States District Judge Judith Herrera ruled on Steve Pearce’s appeal to use congressional campaign cash in governor’s race.  
“We commend Maggie Toulouse Oliver for upholding the law in her capacity as Secretary of State in an effort to ensure the voters’ trust and a clear and transparent election process. Meanwhile, Steve Pearce should spend less time trying to figure out how to inject big money into the governor’s race and circumvent campaign finance laws, and more time playing by the same rules as everyone else. 
“At the end of the day, this decision highlights what’s wrong with the campaign finance system–it affords people with more money more political speech than those who do not have the same means to make their voices heard.”

Democratic Party of New Mexico Slams Pearce for Support of GOP Tax Scam

Pearce Votes to Give His Well-connected Friends a Tax Break while New Mexicans Foot the Bill

New Mexico – Today, the Democratic Party of New Mexico slammed Congressman Steve Pearce for his support of the GOP tax scam that would give his well-connected friends a tax break while forcing New Mexicans to foot the bill. Pearce, who is also running for the Republican nomination for governor, voted for HR 1 a bill that would give tax breaks to the wealthiest while taking important benefits away from everyday New Mexicans.

“Pearce’s support for the Republican tax scam is deplorable. While Pearce and his friends benefit from huge tax scams, New Mexico teachers will be forced to pay for classroom supplies without relief, families with dreams of owning a home will have fewer options, students will be burdened, and everyday New Mexicans will have fewer programs. Pearce’s decision to support the GOP tax is an indication of how he’ll govern–New Mexico doesn’t need someone with poor judgment in the Governor’s office,” said Richard Ellenberg, Chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. 

Specifically, the GOP tax scam gives multi-trillion dollar tax giveaways to the wealthiest and corporate America, while destroying key tax benefits for New Mexico families, including:

  • Dismantling the State and Local Tax Deduction – imposing an unfair double tax on New Mexico families, driving down home values, and endangering local governments’ ability to fund law enforcement, schools, and health services.
  • Eliminates Student Loan Interest Deduction & Lifetime Learning Credits – destroying a key deduction for young graduates and workers getting the job training they need to succeed in the 21st century economy.
  • Eliminates Deduction for Classroom Supplies – forcing teachers who provide students with books, pens, and pencils​ ​​to pay from their pocket without relief.
  • Eliminates Medical Expense Deduction – destroying a key deduction claimed by nearly 9 million American households, which helps families with children with disabilities, long-term care needs, a need for expensive fertility treatments, and many others.
  • Imposes New Limit on Mortgage Interest Deduction – assaulting the dream of​ ​homeownershipfor many New Mexicans.

An updated analysis by the non-partisan Tax Policy Center, released on November 13, found that the Republican bill coming to the House Floor will raise taxes on a staggering 36 million households across the country.

New Mexico Democrats Celebrate Another Election Sweep

Albuquerque, NM – After a significant push to get out the vote in Albuquerque, the Democratic Party of New Mexico celebrated another Democratic sweep. Tim Keller was elected mayor of Albuquerque taking more than 60 percent of the vote, and Cynthia Borrego was elected to city council with more than 50 percent of the district vote. 
“After eight years of the failed Republican administration of Berry and Lewis, it’s obvious why voters chose Tim Keller and Cynthia Borrego tonight–they’re ready for leaders who will invest in our communities and bring solutions to the challenges the city faces,” said Richard Ellenberg Chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. “We’re extremely proud of the grassroots efforts that our Party and both campaigns ran in this election, and owe a debt of gratitude to the volunteers and Party officials who worked to walk their neighborhoods, inform voters, and get out the vote.”
The Democratic Party of New Mexico’s new field program has been working through grassroots organizing to support candidates in local elections. Since the Albuquerque October 3rd election, the State Party completed 30,000 door knocks and phone calls, provided rides to the polls, and invested in GOTV efforts across the city.

Democratic Party of New Mexico Honors Native American Heritage Month

New Mexico – Today, the Democratic Party of New Mexico Chair Richard Ellenberg released the following statement honoring Native American Heritage Month:

“This month is a time to celebrate the rich and diverse culture, traditions, histories and knowledge that our Native communities have contributed to our state. As Democrats, we’re committed to ensuring tribal sovereignty is realized  and that all our members have a better understanding of the needs and issues facing our native communities.”

New Mexico is home to 23 federally recognized tribes–nineteen Pueblos, three Apache tribes, and the Navajo Nation. These communities enrich New Mexico’s diverse culture and contribute to the state’s economy.

DPNM Encourages New Mexicans to Get Covered

New Mexico – Starting today, the open enrollment season for 2018 health care coverage plans begins, and the Democratic Party of New Mexico is encouraging all New Mexicans to get covered. Anyone can go to HealthCare.gov to find affordable health insurance plans or to check if they are eligible for health coverage for free or at a reduced cost. Open enrollment starts November 1st and ends December 15.

 “Every New Mexican should have access to quality health care coverage. But, President Trump has pushed relentless attempts to make the enrollment process more difficult. The Democratic Party of New Mexico is committed to making this process as easy as possible, and we encourage everyone to visit BeWellNM.com to ensure they and their families are covered,” said Richard Ellenberg, Chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. “

 The Democratic Party of New Mexico has provided the following graphic to outline the different ways New Mexicans can get covered.


Governor Susana Martinez Makes List of Least Popular Governors

New Mexico – Today, the Governor Martinez was named the sixth least popular governor in the country in Morning Consult’s Q3 2017 RANKINGS America’s Most and Least Popular Governors. The poll shows that Governor Martinez has earned a 52% disapproval rating, after months of playing political games with higher education funding, vetoing bills that would build New Mexico’s economy, and campaigning for Republican gubernatorial candidates while her administration is wrought with mismanagement.

“Governor Martinez’s seven years as governor shows us what happens under a Republican governor—stagnant economy, lack of focus on education, and constant attacks on our people to push an extreme political ideology. But we have an opportunity to change direction. Democrats will be fighting every day until the end of the 2018 election to make sure we stop another extreme Republican from getting into office,” said Chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico Richard Ellenberg.

The article notes that Governor Martinez is “went down 14 net points” and is “underwater — 37 percent approve vs. 52 percent disapprove.” Since the last Morning Consult rankings were released in July, Governor Martinez’s PED introduced changes to K-12 Science Education that omit basic scientific principles, New Mexico is still at the bottom for unemployment, Governor Martinez has been caught up in pay-to-play scandals, she walked out of a local restaurant without paying, and has also been connected to a highly political removal of an effective New Mexico university president.

Currently, Republican Steve Pearce is running on the same economic agenda that failed to provide a stable economic footing for New Mexico families. Under the current Republican policies, New Mexico has seen damaging budget deficits, a drop in credit rating, and one of the highest unemployment rates in the country.

Pearce Supported DeVos, Has Limited Support for Public Education

New Mexico – One day after Steve Pearce blatantly misrepresented his positions as supportive of public education in a news article, the Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, who he supported took away guidance on protections for disabled students.

“Steve Pearce’s dishonesty is uncanny–his actions don’t reflect anything he’s saying. Despite the message he has been pushing about jobs, education, and immigration, it’s important we set the record straight. Steve Pearce is an extreme Republican who would rather push his political ideology than support policies that are good for New Mexicans,” said Richard Ellenberg, Chair of the Democratic Party of Mexico.

Throughout his tenure, Steve Pearce has opted to support policies that would take resources from our schools and put profits ahead of students. In November 2016, Pearce voiced no concern over Trump’s voucher plans and said he was, “excited to work with the Trump administration.”

During President Trump’s nomination process, Pearce praised his nominations including his choice for Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who had a history of being responsible for one of the biggest school reform disasters in the country. Since then, DeVos has taken away programs that help students manage student loan debt, removed guidelines to address campus sexual assault, and just this week, rolled back protections for students with disabilities.

National Journal Names New Mexico Top State to Flip Governor Seat in 2018

New Mexico – Last night, National Journal named New Mexico as the top state to flip in 2018 citing eight years of Governor Susana Martinez and Democrats’ success in federal races.

“It’s clear that Governor Martinez’s Republican policies have put the state in a downward spiral, and New Mexicans can feel it. But we have an opportunity to change our state’s trajectory by electing a Democrat in 2018, so our families can start to feel the economic recovery,” said Richard Ellenberg, Chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico.=

Currently, Republican Steve Pearce is running on the same economic agenda that failed to provide a stable economic footing for New Mexico families. Under the current Republican policies, New Mexico has seen damaging budget deficits, a drop in credit rating, and the highest unemployment in the country.

DPNM Vice Chair Wins National Leadership Elections

DPNM Vice Chair Neomi Martinez-Parra will serve on the executive committees of the national Democratic Hispanic & Women’s Caucuses


Las Vegas, NV – At the Democratic National Committee (DNC) meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada today, Democratic Party of New Mexico Vice Chair Neomi Martinez-Parra was elected to the executive board of the national Democratic Women’s Caucus and Democratic Hispanic Caucus. Each office has a two year term.

The elections today, were part of the first Democratic National Committee meeting since Tom Perez was elected chair.

“I’m very honored that I have the opportunity to represent New Mexico on a national level, ” said Vice Chair Neomi Martinez-Parra. “In my role I will make sure that our communities are represented and that the Democratic Party is aware of the challenges and opportunities in our state.”

The Democratic Women’s Caucus is the national arm of the Democratic National Committee that bolsters the Democratic Party’s goal to ensure full equality for women. The caucus encourages full and equal participation of women in the Party; backs women who aspire to public office; and raises awareness of women’s issues on the national level.

The Democratic Hispanic Caucus fosters better and more representative government for Hispanics; increase the political participation and influence of Hispanics Democrats; and support and call for legislation and government action on a national, state, county and local level which reflects the best interest of the Hispanic community.

During this meeting DNC Chair Tom Perez also appointed the most diverse slate of appointments to the DNC that:

– Doubles millennial representation,

– Doubles Native American representation,

– Doubles AAPI representation,

– Includes Ellie Perez, a DREAMer from Arizona,

– Increases LGBTQ representation,

– Increases the representation of Puerto Ricans, and

– Includes unprecedented labor representation, with 21 different unions represented

Democratic Party of New Mexico Credits Public Engagement for PED Change of Tune on Science Curriculum Standards

New Mexico – Today, the Democratic Party of New Mexico credited public engagement for the New Mexico Public Education Department’s (PED) change in tune on science curriculum standards. After public outrage was made clear, Governor Martinez’s PED announced that they would not be including the politicized changes they proposed in September.

“New Mexico was facing the possibility of Governor Martinez’s PED altering science education in a way that would have put New Mexico kids at a disadvantage. Despite the New Mexico PED hosting a hearing during a time when many folks are at work, despite the fact that the PED pushing a highly politicized agenda, New Mexicans made a difference, and the Democratic Party of New Mexico was proud to stand with the community,” said Richard Ellenberg, Chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. “We will continue to monitor this process and advocate for solid scientific principles to be taught in our classrooms.”

Last month, Governor Martinez’s Public Education Department proposed changes to the New Mexico K-12 Science Standards that omit basic scientific principles. The omissions would have put New Mexico kids at a competitive disadvantage and risk their future endeavors. The outrage spanned from parents, teachers, students and the New Mexico’s top science industry leaders through public comment, op-eds, attendance at the public hearing, marches and rallies. The massive engagement swayed Governor Martinez’s PED to abandon their ploy to include politicized edits in K-12 science education curriculum.