Pearce Supported DeVos, Has Limited Support for Public Education

New Mexico – One day after Steve Pearce blatantly misrepresented his positions as supportive of public education in a news article, the Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, who he supported took away guidance on protections for disabled students.

“Steve Pearce’s dishonesty is uncanny–his actions don’t reflect anything he’s saying. Despite the message he has been pushing about jobs, education, and immigration, it’s important we set the record straight. Steve Pearce is an extreme Republican who would rather push his political ideology than support policies that are good for New Mexicans,” said Richard Ellenberg, Chair of the Democratic Party of Mexico.

Throughout his tenure, Steve Pearce has opted to support policies that would take resources from our schools and put profits ahead of students. In November 2016, Pearce voiced no concern over Trump’s voucher plans and said he was, “excited to work with the Trump administration.”

During President Trump’s nomination process, Pearce praised his nominations including his choice for Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who had a history of being responsible for one of the biggest school reform disasters in the country. Since then, DeVos has taken away programs that help students manage student loan debt, removed guidelines to address campus sexual assault, and just this week, rolled back protections for students with disabilities.

National Journal Names New Mexico Top State to Flip Governor Seat in 2018

New Mexico – Last night, National Journal named New Mexico as the top state to flip in 2018 citing eight years of Governor Susana Martinez and Democrats’ success in federal races.

“It’s clear that Governor Martinez’s Republican policies have put the state in a downward spiral, and New Mexicans can feel it. But we have an opportunity to change our state’s trajectory by electing a Democrat in 2018, so our families can start to feel the economic recovery,” said Richard Ellenberg, Chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico.=

Currently, Republican Steve Pearce is running on the same economic agenda that failed to provide a stable economic footing for New Mexico families. Under the current Republican policies, New Mexico has seen damaging budget deficits, a drop in credit rating, and the highest unemployment in the country.

DPNM Vice Chair Wins National Leadership Elections

DPNM Vice Chair Neomi Martinez-Parra will serve on the executive committees of the national Democratic Hispanic & Women’s Caucuses


Las Vegas, NV – At the Democratic National Committee (DNC) meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada today, Democratic Party of New Mexico Vice Chair Neomi Martinez-Parra was elected to the executive board of the national Democratic Women’s Caucus and Democratic Hispanic Caucus. Each office has a two year term.

The elections today, were part of the first Democratic National Committee meeting since Tom Perez was elected chair.

“I’m very honored that I have the opportunity to represent New Mexico on a national level, ” said Vice Chair Neomi Martinez-Parra. “In my role I will make sure that our communities are represented and that the Democratic Party is aware of the challenges and opportunities in our state.”

The Democratic Women’s Caucus is the national arm of the Democratic National Committee that bolsters the Democratic Party’s goal to ensure full equality for women. The caucus encourages full and equal participation of women in the Party; backs women who aspire to public office; and raises awareness of women’s issues on the national level.

The Democratic Hispanic Caucus fosters better and more representative government for Hispanics; increase the political participation and influence of Hispanics Democrats; and support and call for legislation and government action on a national, state, county and local level which reflects the best interest of the Hispanic community.

During this meeting DNC Chair Tom Perez also appointed the most diverse slate of appointments to the DNC that:

– Doubles millennial representation,

– Doubles Native American representation,

– Doubles AAPI representation,

– Includes Ellie Perez, a DREAMer from Arizona,

– Increases LGBTQ representation,

– Increases the representation of Puerto Ricans, and

– Includes unprecedented labor representation, with 21 different unions represented

Democratic Party of New Mexico Credits Public Engagement for PED Change of Tune on Science Curriculum Standards

New Mexico – Today, the Democratic Party of New Mexico credited public engagement for the New Mexico Public Education Department’s (PED) change in tune on science curriculum standards. After public outrage was made clear, Governor Martinez’s PED announced that they would not be including the politicized changes they proposed in September.

“New Mexico was facing the possibility of Governor Martinez’s PED altering science education in a way that would have put New Mexico kids at a disadvantage. Despite the New Mexico PED hosting a hearing during a time when many folks are at work, despite the fact that the PED pushing a highly politicized agenda, New Mexicans made a difference, and the Democratic Party of New Mexico was proud to stand with the community,” said Richard Ellenberg, Chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. “We will continue to monitor this process and advocate for solid scientific principles to be taught in our classrooms.”

Last month, Governor Martinez’s Public Education Department proposed changes to the New Mexico K-12 Science Standards that omit basic scientific principles. The omissions would have put New Mexico kids at a competitive disadvantage and risk their future endeavors. The outrage spanned from parents, teachers, students and the New Mexico’s top science industry leaders through public comment, op-eds, attendance at the public hearing, marches and rallies. The massive engagement swayed Governor Martinez’s PED to abandon their ploy to include politicized edits in K-12 science education curriculum.

DPNM Statement on GOP Announcement for New Mexico Attorney General

New Mexico – The Democratic Party of New Mexico released the following statement after GOP candidate for Congress Michael Hendricks switched races and flimsily decided to run for New Mexico Attorney General.

“It’s concerning that the Republican Party would run a candidate with no criminal prosecution or fraud investigations experience,” said Democratic Party of New Mexico Vice Chair Neomi Martinez-Parra.

The New Mexico attorney general is responsible for prosecuting criminal and civil offenses; enforcing consumer protections, and serve as legal counsel for the state. According to Hendrick’s website, he does not have any background prosecuting criminals or investigating fraud.

New Mexico Democrats Join Community at Rally to Demand Full Adoption of Next Gen Science Education Standards Without Politicized Edits

Santa Fe, NM – Today, New Mexico Democrats joined the community to rally outside the PED hearing on proposed edits to Next Generation Science Education Standards to demand that the standards be adopted and implemented in their entirety. Hundreds of parents, teachers, students and concerned citizens took the street to ensure the facts were clear on the proposed edits.

During the rally, Democratic Party of New Mexico Chair Richard Ellenberg said, “Democrats are here because we care about New Mexico children…because we care about our future.”

In September, Governor Martinez’s Public Education Department proposed changes to the New Mexico K-12 Science Standards that omit basic scientific principles. The omissions have the potential to put New Mexico kids at a competitive disadvantage and risk their future endeavors.

The Bernalillo County Democratic Party Strike Force played a significant role gathering Democrats to attend the rally and submit comments opposing the changes to the Next Generation Standards.

Also present at the rally was Democratic N.M. Representative Stephanie Garcia Richard (Los Alamos) who pointed out the economic impact the edits would have on our state, “This puts our state at risk of being dismissed by cutting edge industry.” Garcia Richard is also an elementary school teacher.

N.M. Representative Bill McCamley (Las Cruces) attended the hearing to defend the Next Generation Science Standards. McCamley carried a bill during the 2017 legislative session that would have required the state to adopt the Next Generation Science Standards in their entirety. You can read the op-ed he penned with colleague and teacher N.M. Representative Adrés Romero (Albuquerque) here.

More information on the Next Generation Science Standards is available here.

Supporting groups at the rally included:

  • Bernalillo County Democratic Party Strike Force
  • Citizens’ Climate Lobby
  • Climate Parents
  • Conservation Voters of NM
  • Democratic Party of New Mexico
  • Earth
  • Earth Care
  • Energy Foundation
  • Environment NM
  • Food and Water Watch
  • Moms Clean Air Force
  • National Center for Science Education
  • National Education Association- New Mexico
  • New Mexico Interfaith Power and Light
  • New Mexico Science Teachers
  • NM InterFaith Power and Light
  • NM Solar Energy Association
  • Retake Our Democracy
  • Santa Fe Citizens’ Climate Lobby
  • Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter
  • Temple Beth Shalom


New Mexico Democrats Call on Steve Pearce To Speak Out Against Trump Administration’s Latest Sabotage That Will Increase Health Care Costs

Ending Cost Sharing Reduction(CSR) Payments Will Increase Premiums by 20%, Drive Up Federal Deficit

New Mexico – Today, Chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico Richard Ellenberg called on Steve Pearce to speak out against President Trump’s latest act of health care sabotage that will drive up health care costs for hardworking New Mexico families. Experts say that President Trump’s decision to end Cost Sharing Reduction (CSR) payments will increase health care premiums by around 20% while creating instability in the insurance marketplace and actually costing taxpayers more.

“For too long, Congressman Steve Pearce has put his extreme political ideology ahead of the health and welfare of New Mexico families. We call on him to speak out against President Trump’s latest act of health care sabotage that will drive up costs for people across our state.

“As a member of Congress, Steve Pearce could be leading the way on bipartisan plans to strengthen New Mexico’s health care system. Instead, he has chosen to cozy up to Donald Trump. But now, with affordable coverage for tens of thousands of New Mexico families hanging in the balance, Steve Pearce must put people first and oppose this dangerous decision.”

Pearce Votes Against Disaster Funding

As New Mexico Responds to Fires and Floods, Pearce Votes Against Needed Resources 

New Mexico – In spite of thousands of families recovering from hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, wildfires in the Pacific Northwest and intense flooding in Valencia and Socorro Counties this weekend, Steve Pearce voted today against federal disaster relief resources and needed flood insurance funds.

The bill, H.R. 2266, passed with support from both Democrats and Republicans, making it clear that Pearce is on fringes of the political spectrum.

“Pearce would prefer to leave families without power, shelter or resources during wildfire or flood emergencies, just to push his political ideology in our state,” said Richard Ellenberg, Chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. “As New Mexicans we believe in community and we believe in helping our neighbors; Pearce’s vote to gut funding to repair roads and power lines and provide services to families in need during New Mexico fires and floods is at odds with our values.”

New Mexico is no stranger to natural disasters—each year the state experiences wildfires and flooding. This year alone, the Cajete Fire and flooding in Hobbs, the Hatch ValleySocorro County and Valencia County have damaged property and infrastructure.

The bill Pearce rejected provides $16 billion in debt relief to the National Flood Insurance Program, which FEMA has said will run out of money as early asOct. 23 without action by Congress.

This vote follows a pattern of Pearce voting against the interests of New Mexicans, including his vote to take away heath care from more than 260,000 New Mexicans and his votes against the Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP) which provides health care for more than 100,000 children in New Mexico.

#TBT: Steve Pearce Voted Against SCHIP—Twice!

New Mexico – Today, as New Mexico families worry about the lapse in authorization for the federal health insurance program that covers 11,300 New Mexico children, the Democratic Party of New Mexico is throwing it back to Congressman Steve Pearce’s two votes against SCHIP.
Pearce has a longstanding record pushing his view that keeps New Mexico children from accessing health care. In 2007, Pearce was the ONLY Member of the New Mexico delegation to vote to block a bipartisan expansion of children’s health care. And then one year later, he did it again, and and said he was proud to vote against overriding a veto of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. 
“With his votes against health insurance for poor children in New Mexico, Steve Pearce put his political ideology ahead of New Mexicans,” said DPNM Chair Richard Ellenberg. “Our families can’t afford a extreme right ideologue like Pearce as our Governor; he is too extreme for New Mexico.”