We support small, local, and sustainable New Mexico agriculture that enables fair water access with water conservation efforts. These farming practices are important to help alleviate food deserts in urban and rural communities. We recognize the importance of local agriculture to include farming and ranching.

We affirm:

  1. New Mexico water is extremely valuable. We should be creating a long-term plan to ensure that our state industry in agriculture be the most efficient in water usage possible;
  2. Genetically Modified products must be labeled as such whenever or wherever sold; and
  3. Pesticides and herbicides should be used responsibly with full consideration of all effects to the ecosystem.

We will:

  1. Support funding and prioritization of “local farming” over “regional farming;”
  2. Encourage community-supported agriculture (CSAs) to foster local farming;
  3. Support stronger agricultural worker protections including, but not limited to, regulation of work hours, unfair wages, elimination of child labor, ensuring adequate housing for migrant workers, and sanitary facilities in the field;
  4. Support legislation that legalizes and promotes an industrial hemp industry;
  5. Support incentives for sustainable agricultural practices, agricultural water conservation, and retention of lands of agricultural production and ranching;
  6. Ban the use of neonicotinoid pesticides which is critical to the survival of bees and pollinators on which we depend for our food supply;
  7. Support efforts to preserve and protect New Mexico’s traditional heritage livestock and varieties of heirloom seeds;
  8. Support individual property owners’ ability to control their farm lands and local water rights;
  9. Support protecting farmers from lawsuits by companies who produce patented genetically modified seeds, when the local farmers’ crops are corrupted or cross-pollinated from nearby company fields;
  10. Support individuals and communities in developing yard and community gardens through supportive land-use policies and zoning;
  11. Remove the minimum wage exemption for farm workers; and
  12. Support growing legal cannabis in New Mexico.