McKinley County Central Committee Meeting / Elections

Saturday, March 30th, 2019 at the Veterans Hall In Gallup. Registration starts at 9am and elections start at 11am.

Who can attend and who can vote?

Anyone can attend the meeting. However, only County Central Committee (CCC) members elected on March 30th as a Precinct Chair, Ward Chair or additional CCC member can vote in this election. Members may vote by proxy. A proxy must be in writing, signed by the person giving the proxy, and filed with the County Secretary.  No person may hold more than three (3) proxies at one time.

The Process

Participants will check in on the day of the election. 

The Election 

  1. County Chairperson
  2. County Vice-Chairperson of the sex opposite that of the Chairperson  
  3. State Central Committee (SCC) Members

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