Democrats’ Efforts to Prepare High School Students for Jobs in Tech, Expand Broadband Access Prevail

New Mexico – In court today, Democrats’ efforts to prepare high school students for jobs in tech and expand broadband internet access in communities across New Mexico prevailed.
“Governor Martinez proves again that she can’t do her job correctly. In this case, it means that Democratic efforts to increase opportunity for New Mexicans and build our economy prevailed,” said Richard Ellenberg, Chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. “We urge Governor Martinez to accept the outcome of this decision, and stop opposing bills that are good the for the state and make sure our people get a better deal.”
During the legislative session, Governor Martinez vetoed several bills without providing justification, and today the court ruled that those bills will become the law of the land.
More information on the bills that will become law as a result of this decision is available here and here.

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