DPNM Chair Demands Herrell Return Jim Jordan Cash

On May 25, controversial Republican nominee for Congress in New Mexico’s 2nd District, Yvette Herrell, accepted the endorsement of Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio, founding member of the far-right House Freedom Caucus, the faction of Republicans who have engineered recent government shutdowns, putting our national security and local law enforcement at risk. On July 3, NBC News reported that Jim Jordan has been credibly accused of covering up widespread sexual abuse at Ohio State University while serving as the assistant wrestling coach.

Yvette Herrell accepted a $2,000 donation from Jordan’s campaign AND Jordan personally helped her rake in almost a third of her contributions this quarter, $33,900, funnelled through Jordan’s leadership PAC, while he faces calls to resign from both sides of the aisle for covering up sexual abuse. In light of this revelation, Yvette Herrell has a choice: Return this money or keep the big check and be beholden to Congressman Jordan, who covered up sexual abuse at Ohio State.

“Jim Jordan stood by while students at Ohio State were sexually exploited and abused; there is no other option than to return this tainted money, and reject support from someone that covered up sexual abuse.” said Marg Elliston, Chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico.

Contact: Joel Kasnetz
(505) 750-0140

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