DPNM: It’s clear Pearce is playing politics with the lives of women, their families

New Mexico – Today, Steve Pearce put out a press release touting the fact that he continues his long effort to limit New Mexico family choices and play politics with women’s health.

“New Mexico is a place where women are respected and feel safe making personal decisions about their own health without government interference. It’s clear Pearce is playing politics with the lives of women and their families by pushing a wedge issue that doesn’t have anything to do with the health of New Mexico families,” said Richard Ellenberg, Chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico.

Steve Pearce has a long history of obstructing women’s health initiatives. In 2015, he supported a measure that would have limited state funding for Planned Parenthood, an organization that provides contraceptive treatment, cancer prevention screening, and other primary health services. When Pearce pushed this issue in 2016, there was a clear indication that his panel inappropriately used taxpayer dollars on a report which sought to criminalize women’s healthcare providers in the state. And just this year, Pearce fundraised on his attack against women’s health.

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