DPNM Vice Chair Wins National Leadership Elections

DPNM Vice Chair Neomi Martinez-Parra will serve on the executive committees of the national Democratic Hispanic & Women’s Caucuses


Las Vegas, NV – At the Democratic National Committee (DNC) meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada today, Democratic Party of New Mexico Vice Chair Neomi Martinez-Parra was elected to the executive board of the national Democratic Women’s Caucus and Democratic Hispanic Caucus. Each office has a two year term.

The elections today, were part of the first Democratic National Committee meeting since Tom Perez was elected chair.

“I’m very honored that I have the opportunity to represent New Mexico on a national level, ” said Vice Chair Neomi Martinez-Parra. “In my role I will make sure that our communities are represented and that the Democratic Party is aware of the challenges and opportunities in our state.”

The Democratic Women’s Caucus is the national arm of the Democratic National Committee that bolsters the Democratic Party’s goal to ensure full equality for women. The caucus encourages full and equal participation of women in the Party; backs women who aspire to public office; and raises awareness of women’s issues on the national level.

The Democratic Hispanic Caucus fosters better and more representative government for Hispanics; increase the political participation and influence of Hispanics Democrats; and support and call for legislation and government action on a national, state, county and local level which reflects the best interest of the Hispanic community.

During this meeting DNC Chair Tom Perez also appointed the most diverse slate of appointments to the DNC that:

– Doubles millennial representation,

– Doubles Native American representation,

– Doubles AAPI representation,

– Includes Ellie Perez, a DREAMer from Arizona,

– Increases LGBTQ representation,

– Increases the representation of Puerto Ricans, and

– Includes unprecedented labor representation, with 21 different unions represented

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