Ethics, Elections, and Politics

A just and functioning society can only exist when all people have an equal voice. Every citizen of voting age residing in New Mexico and the U.S. has a right and should be encouraged to vote. We actively work to prevent and remove obstructions to voting in any local or federal election. We also believe that the government has the right to regulate campaign finance.

We affirm:

  1. Americans’ right to vote is sacred and fundamental; and
  2. Money is not speech and corporations are not people.

We will:

  1. Fight to overturn Citizens United and eliminate Super PACs;
  2. Fight for campaign finance reform and repeal laws that enable secret money in politics;
  3. Create competitive public campaign financing to stop the influence of big donors and special interest groups;
  4. Require full and real-time disclosure of all hard money contributions in political and issue campaigns;
  5. Require full financial disclosure by all elected officials and paid lobbyists/consultants;
  6. Advocate for the creation of an independent ethics commission amendment to the NM constitution;
  7. Fight against voter suppression such as voter ID laws and limited polling sites;
  8. Increase voter participation by expanding voting hours, the early voting period, and voting convenience center locations;
  9. Promote early voting, same-day registration, and automatic registration;
  10. Support the elimination of all superdelegates;
  11. Support a constitutional amendment that would abolish the Electoral College;
  12. Actively put an end to gerrymandering by creating and giving authority to an independent non-partisan redistricting commission separate from the legislative process that will prevent the drawing of political boundaries favoring one party over another;
  13. Promote the ability of the average citizen to run for the New Mexico State Legislature by paying legislators a fair salary;
  14. Restore the Voting Rights Act of 1965;
  15. Demand up-to-date election processes that guarantee transparency, integrity, and accountability in the voter software, and equipment with archived paper ballots;
  16. Provide convenient polling sites in all tribal communities;
  17. Support the ability to use straight-ticket, party-preference voting;
  18. Support ranked choice voting throughout the state to make democracy more fair and functional in all elections;
  19. Prevent the revolving door between industry and government employment by requiring a waiting period between the private and public sector; and
  20. Develop a strategic plan to maximize engagement with our activists and partners to build coalitions to help our candidates win.