Governor Susana Martinez Makes List of Least Popular Governors

New Mexico – Today, the Governor Martinez was named the sixth least popular governor in the country in Morning Consult’s Q3 2017 RANKINGS America’s Most and Least Popular Governors. The poll shows that Governor Martinez has earned a 52% disapproval rating, after months of playing political games with higher education funding, vetoing bills that would build New Mexico’s economy, and campaigning for Republican gubernatorial candidates while her administration is wrought with mismanagement.

“Governor Martinez’s seven years as governor shows us what happens under a Republican governor—stagnant economy, lack of focus on education, and constant attacks on our people to push an extreme political ideology. But we have an opportunity to change direction. Democrats will be fighting every day until the end of the 2018 election to make sure we stop another extreme Republican from getting into office,” said Chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico Richard Ellenberg.

The article notes that Governor Martinez is “went down 14 net points” and is “underwater — 37 percent approve vs. 52 percent disapprove.” Since the last Morning Consult rankings were released in July, Governor Martinez’s PED introduced changes to K-12 Science Education that omit basic scientific principles, New Mexico is still at the bottom for unemployment, Governor Martinez has been caught up in pay-to-play scandals, she walked out of a local restaurant without paying, and has also been connected to a highly political removal of an effective New Mexico university president.

Currently, Republican Steve Pearce is running on the same economic agenda that failed to provide a stable economic footing for New Mexico families. Under the current Republican policies, New Mexico has seen damaging budget deficits, a drop in credit rating, and one of the highest unemployment rates in the country.

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