New Mexico Democrats Join Community at Rally to Demand Full Adoption of Next Gen Science Education Standards Without Politicized Edits

Santa Fe, NM – Today, New Mexico Democrats joined the community to rally outside the PED hearing on proposed edits to Next Generation Science Education Standards to demand that the standards be adopted and implemented in their entirety. Hundreds of parents, teachers, students and concerned citizens took the street to ensure the facts were clear on the proposed edits.

During the rally, Democratic Party of New Mexico Chair Richard Ellenberg said, “Democrats are here because we care about New Mexico children…because we care about our future.”

In September, Governor Martinez’s Public Education Department proposed changes to the New Mexico K-12 Science Standards that omit basic scientific principles. The omissions have the potential to put New Mexico kids at a competitive disadvantage and risk their future endeavors.

The Bernalillo County Democratic Party Strike Force played a significant role gathering Democrats to attend the rally and submit comments opposing the changes to the Next Generation Standards.

Also present at the rally was Democratic N.M. Representative Stephanie Garcia Richard (Los Alamos) who pointed out the economic impact the edits would have on our state, “This puts our state at risk of being dismissed by cutting edge industry.” Garcia Richard is also an elementary school teacher.

N.M. Representative Bill McCamley (Las Cruces) attended the hearing to defend the Next Generation Science Standards. McCamley carried a bill during the 2017 legislative session that would have required the state to adopt the Next Generation Science Standards in their entirety. You can read the op-ed he penned with colleague and teacher N.M. Representative Adrés Romero (Albuquerque) here.

More information on the Next Generation Science Standards is available here.

Supporting groups at the rally included:

  • Bernalillo County Democratic Party Strike Force
  • Citizens’ Climate Lobby
  • Climate Parents
  • Conservation Voters of NM
  • Democratic Party of New Mexico
  • Earth
  • Earth Care
  • Energy Foundation
  • Environment NM
  • Food and Water Watch
  • Moms Clean Air Force
  • National Center for Science Education
  • National Education Association- New Mexico
  • New Mexico Interfaith Power and Light
  • New Mexico Science Teachers
  • NM InterFaith Power and Light
  • NM Solar Energy Association
  • Retake Our Democracy
  • Santa Fe Citizens’ Climate Lobby
  • Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter
  • Temple Beth Shalom


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