Results from the April 29th DPNM Elections

On April 29th, the DPNM held elections for the State leadership team. More information can be found on the DPNM website, but here are the results from that election:

Chair: Richard Ellenberg

Vice Chair: Neomi Martinez-Parra

Secretary: Katharine Clark

Treasurer: Robert Lara (ran unopposed)
Left to Right, Richard Ellenberg, Neomi Martinez-Parra, Katharine Clark, Robert Lara, Joe Kabourek, Douglas Pacheco-Myers

The DPNM Website lists contact information for the new leadership team.

During the SCC Meeting on April 29, 2017, the DPNM Standing Committee members were elected. The results are as follows:

Committee Position Name
SPARC CD1 Male Ivan William Pfeifer
SPARC CD1 Female Patricia “Patty” French
SPARC CD2 Male Jerry Morris
SPARC CD2 Female Karen Whitlock
SPARC CD3 Male Tom Leatherwood
SPARC CD3 Female Nancy Hayden
SPARC At Large Gina Dennis
SPARC At Large Alan Postelnak
SPARC At Large Cas Hoefman
Affirmative Action CD1 Male Lorenzo Pino
Affirmative Action CD1 Female Samia Assed
Affirmative Action CD2 Male Agapito “Tito” Marquez
Affirmative Action CD2 Female Trish Ruiz
Affirmative Action CD3 Male Matthew Kauffman
Affirmative Action CD3 Female Diana Orozco-Garrett
Affirmative Action At Large (Male) Ricardo Guillermo
Affirmative Action At Large (Male) Dennis Montoya
Affirmative Action At Large (Female) Bernadette Vadurro
Affirmative Action At Large (Female) Darlene Collins
Budget CD1 Male John Paul Martinez
Budget CD1 Female Paula Fisher
Budget CD2 Male Greg Maxie
Budget CD2 Female To Be Appointed
Budget CD3 Male Paul Dirdak
Budget CD3 Female Donna Tillman

The appointed positions for the DPNM Standing Committees will be announced in the next month.

Where do we go from here?

Where do we go from here?

Living in McKinley County—where 60+% of the vote went to Democratic candidates- and living in New Mexico where we elected a majority of Democrats to both houses of the legislature, it is difficult to fathom that we ended up with the current President and Republican majorities in Congress threatening to take away the rights that we have fought for and won over the past 50 years.

Understandably, people are frightened. Fortunately, more citizens than ever are motivated to take action. Here are some of the ways that you can get involved in groups and actions that stand up for our values.

– Write or Call your Representatives and talk to them about issues dear to you.
– Attend your regular County Meetings

The DPMC will also be holding regular training for people interesting in getting more involved. If you are interested like our Facebook page and we will keep you in the loop on upcoming events.