Pearce Doesn’t Want to Play by the Rules

New Mexico – Republican candidate for governor, Steve Pearce, is asking for special treatment instead of playing by the rulesPearce, in an effort to circumvent campaign finance rules, has asked to use dollars intended for a congressional race to run for governor blatantly misusing the trust of New Mexicans.
Pearce doesn’t want to play by the same rules everyone else does, which is a quality all too similar to Governor Martinez,” said Neomi Martinez-Parra, vice-chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico and resident of New Mexico’s second congressional district. “Maggie Toulouse Oliver is making sure we have a clear and transparent election process. If Steve Pearce doesn’t recognize that, he doesn’t hold New Mexico’s values of fairness and respect.”
In a clear political ploy, Steve Pearce asked a federal judge to change the decision which was applied uniformly to candidates who seek election for state office. Just today, his lawyer made the argument that Pearce should play by different rules than everyone else.

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