McKinley County Precinct and Ward Elections

Saturday, March 30, 2019 at the Veterans Hall in Gallup. registration starts at 9am and elections will start at 11am.

Any registered Democrat may attend and vote in the Ward and Precinct in which they are registered to vote. You must be registered to vote in that precinct as a Democrat by February 28th, 2019.

The Process

Participants will check in to ensure they are registered as Democrats in the Ward and Precinct holding the election.  This is much like the process you go through to vote in person. You will be given voting materials when you register. 

  1. Ward Chair Election.  The first order of business is usually to elect a Ward Chair.  If only one person is running the person running the meeting will usually ask for election by acclamation.  If more than one person is running, people will vote on one of the ballots.
  2. Precinct Chair Election. The group will then separate into precincts to elect Precinct Chairs. Voting is like that for Ward Chair.
  3. CCC Member Election.  This election varies by Precinct. Precinct chairs are automatically CCC members. Each precinct is assigned a number of electedmembers. The number will vary from 0 to 5. If the number of people running for positions does not exceed the number to be elected, election can be by acclamation. If the number exceeds the number to be elected, the voting is by Appendix A Voting (modified ranked choice voting). 
  4. Additional Officers and Other Business. After the CCC Member elections, the Ward may reconvene to elect additional officers, consider resolutions, and conduct other business.

What Steps Should I Take to Be Elected?

Recruit Dem Voters.Recruit Democratic friends/relatives registered in your Precinct (or ward) who are willing to attend the meeting and vote for you. In some cases, it is enough to bring one or two neighbors or family members. In other cases (if somebody is running against you), it is a good idea to recruit more people to attend and vote for you. 

If you have questions about whether those you wish to bring are registered Democrats in your Precinct or Ward, verify their registration using the NM Secretary of State’s voter information lookup at  

Nomination Process.If you are running for office and attend the meeting, you may nominate yourself for office. If you cannot be present at the meeting, ask someone to nominate you for the position and ask your friends, neighbors, and relatives to vote for you.

Prepare a Brief Statement.If you are not the only person running for the position, you may be asked to speak briefly about why you are running and asking people to vote for you.  There may be some informal discussion where a candidate may decide not to run and instead support another candidate.

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