Public Safety

Democrats believe everyone has a basic right to be free from coercion and violence, including harm imposed by corporate degradation of water, air, and soil. We will support a multi-faceted strategy to public safety including law enforcement, intervention and treatment, and universal background checks for firearm purchases.

We affirm:

  1. We must expand and strengthen background checks for firearm purchases and close dangerous loopholes in our current laws;
  2. Crimes of sexual violence against women and trans women deserve full and timely investigation, due process, and serious attention of the legal system; and
  3. Tribes must be given timely and expeditious access to justice at the Federal level.

We will:

  1. Support the principles and best practices of the Community Policing model;
  2. Oppose the sale of assault weapons and large capacity ammunition magazines by reinstating and strengthening the assault weapons ban;
  3. Support increased training for de-escalation procedures for law enforcement including the use of behavioral health teams and oppose the use of excessive force by law enforcement;
  4. Support demilitarization of law enforcement; 
  5. Support efforts for the Center for Disease Control to study the effects of gun violence as a public health issue;
  6. Support comprehensive services for survivors of violence and increase prevention efforts in our communities and on our campuses; 
  7. Ensure that all necessary measures are taken to eradicate family violence in our state;
  8. Increase sexual violence prevention education programs;
  9. Support fully funding programs that provide safe houses and counseling;
  10. Strengthen the laws that prevent illegal seizure of cash and property from New Mexicans without first bringing criminal charges against them;
  11. Support strong civilian community oversight of law enforcement agencies to improve transparency in the hiring and firing of officers, and make recommendations for disciplinary action, budgets, and policies;
  12. Repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) that revokes dangerous legal immunity protections for firearm manufacturers and sellers;
  13. Support the enactment and enforcement of aggressive laws against illegal gun trafficking;
  14. Recognize that nuclear material poses inherent risks to safety and encourage stronger safety-focused oversight and accountability; and
  15. Urge our NM Congressional delegates and other public officials to:
    • Demand continued public access to nuclear safety reports;
    • Support transparent and accountable oversight of New Mexico nuclear facilities by the U.S. Department of Energy and New Mexico regulators;
    • Challenge the unilateral authority of the President to use nuclear weapons;
    • Support (1) the continued reduction of nuclear warheads; (2) continued research on nuclear warheads’ safety, security, and reliability; (3) our National Laboratories, hoping future research will be repurposed toward sustainability and other more humane projects.