REMINDER: N.M. House Republicans Killed Pipeline Safety Bill Two Years Ago

New Mexico – With a major pipeline disaster in Loving, New Mexico this week, a bill that would have increased safety precautions is pushed into the spotlight. In 2015, Democratic Representative Bill McCamley (Las Cruces) introduced House Bill 33, which would have guaranteed safety oversight of intrastate pipeline facilities on behalf of New Mexico, but New Mexico House Republicans killed that bill in committee. 
“Workers and families across our state deserve safe communities, but Republicans put their political ideology ahead of the safety of New Mexicans. When disasters happen that could put families and workers in danger, we need to look for solutions, and two years ago Republicans stopped a solution that would have increased safety,” said Richard Ellenberg, Chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. 
In 2015, Republicans held the majority in the New Mexico House and N.M. House Bill 33 was never heard in the N.M. House Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Committee, under the former Republican Chair of the committee James R.J. Strickler.  

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