Resistance School – Four upcoming weekly sessions!

Resistance School is a free practical training program. Our goal is to sharpen the tools communities need to organize and make sustained change that advances values of fairness, equality, and inclusivity.

Join us for Sesssion 1 of Resistance School, How to Communicate our Values in Political Advocacy on May 15th.

This opening session of Resistance School dives into the steps necessary for engaging in effective communication for change by building on history, exploring the tools of value-based communication, and ultimately reviewing the most meaningful ways to enact this change in the world around us. This session will draw on the political history of the United States to explore how value-based communication has galvanized support for political and social movements. Historian and activist Timothy McCarthy leads us through an interactive lecture on how to develop a compelling frame and narrative for initiating meaningful conversations that build bridges and connect people through stories.

The DPMC is organizing these four sessions of Resistance School, Potluck style! We’ll have a main dish. Please bring food/drink to share! For more information and to sign up contact us!

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