Resistance School – Session 4 – How to Sustain the Resistance Long Term

Resistance School is a free practical training program. Our goal is to sharpen the tools communities need to organize and make sustained change that advances values of fairness, equality, and inclusivity.

Join us for Sesssion 4 of Resistance School, How to Sustain the Resistance Long Term on June 12th.

In our final session, New York Assemblyman and DNC Vice Chair Michael Blake teaches how to build coalitions and sustain movements over long periods of time. Assemblyman Blake discusses how the best movements are built from aligned impacts and goals, as well as are based on tangible and measurable metrics. He then explains how movements must be mapped strategically and thrive when individuals from many different highways contribute unique expertise.

Join us for Session 4 on Monday June 12th. The DPMC is organizing these four sessions of Resistance School, Potluck style! We’ll have a main dish. Please bring food/drink to share! For more information and to sign up contact us!

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