Steve Pearce Caught On Camera Admitting He Supports “Exactly The Same” Failed Martinez/Skandera Evaluation System

In a shocking caught on camera moment, and demonstrating once again that he is desperately out of touch with New Mexico educators, students, and families, Steve Pearce told a group of leaders in education last week that, if elected, he would improve education by changing our teacher evaluation systems… to “almost exactly the same evaluation system,” as the Susana Martinez/Hanna Skandera system. Seriously. Just listen to Steve himself:  

“Steve Pearce has doubled down on the failed Martinez education agenda, which has harmed our children and kept New Mexico in last place for the past eight years,” said Marg Elliston, Chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico.“New Mexicans know Michelle Lujan Grisham will deliver real change for our children and reverse the damage Steve Pearce, Susana Martinez, and former Education Secretary Hanna Skandera have done by starving our public schools.”

Pearce went on to further demonstrate his tone-deafness, saying that teachers are “seeing the positive aspects” of a system that has devastated New Mexico education.

Pearce supports the unfair, unproductive Martinez/Skandera evaluation system has left us struggling to recruit and retain teachers, and continued to fail our kids…

…and has not committed to support the real changes necessary to build stronger schools.

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