Wayne Johnson Illegally Dips Into Auditor Campaign Cash To Pay Wife For Extravagant Mayoral Campaign Party; Law Enforcement Referral Made for Wannabe AG Michael Hendricks’ Illegal Conduct

Contact: Joel Kasnetz
(505) 750-0140

New Mexicans have had it with the Republican crime spree. Yesterday, the Democratic Party of New Mexico filed an official campaign finance complaint against the campaign of Wayne Johnson, Republican candidate for State Auditor. According to campaign finance reports, Johnson paid his own wife $1,640.23 out of funds solicited for his state auditor campaign to illegally cover his extravagant election night party for his failed Albuquerque Mayoral campaign. According to this report, the expense was incurred on 10/3/2017, before Johnson announced his candidacy for State Auditor. This is illegal, according to the New Mexico Campaign Practices Act.

That’s only one lowlight from the continued New Mexico Republican crime spree. Just last week, it was revealed that Republican Attorney General candidate Michael Hendricks concealed campaign donors and an illegal campaign loan.

And this isn’t even Wayne Johnson’s first infraction. He faces a sanction and fine from the Bernalillo County Code of Conduct Review Boardfor illegal campaign contributions.

But wait, there’s more: NM Attorney General Hector Balderas has brought multiple corruption charges against Governor Martinez’s former top cabinet secretary Demesia Padilla. The Attorney General is also pursuing Rep. Monica Youngblood’s aggravated DWI and credible accusations that she tried to use her position to try and wriggle out of the charges. In addition, Secretary of State candidate drop-out JoHanna Cox is still facing malpractice lawsuits(including one from a strip club she represented) and filed exceptionally sloppy campaign finance reports. And we can’t forget Pat Lyonssuspicious land deals.

This is, unfortunately, just 2018 in Susana Martinez’s New Mexico.

“The New Mexico Republican crime spree is out of control,” said Marg Elliston, Chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. “Susana Martinez has let her cronies wreak havoc on New Mexico and Wayne Johnson’s disregard for the law is just one symptom of the swampy way she’s run New Mexico for 8 years. One thing’s for sure, Wayne Johnson and many of his fellow Republicans need to leave the campaign trail to resolve their lawsuits, ethics charges, and DWIs.”

See the complaint as submitted:

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