Young Democrats Question Governor Martinez’s Motives on Carruthers Dismissal

New Mexico – Today, Young Democrats of New Mexico questioned Governor Martinez’s motives after her regents voted to dismiss President Garrey Carruthers from his position as President of New Mexico State University (NMSU). This decision comes on the heels of Governor Martinez’s disastrous decision to veto all higher education funding from the budget passed during the 2017 Regular Legislative Session.

“It has become increasingly clear that Governor Martinez does not understand her job, and this most recent political move puts the futures of students at risk,” said Zack Quintero, President of the Young Democrats of New Mexico and recent NMSU graduate. “President Carruthers put an emphasis on students and provided consistent leadership at a time when Governor Martinez was playing political games with higher education funding. Now, another reckless decision under Governor Martinez’s watch will risk the credibility of our university and harms the future of our state.”

Just yesterday, NMSU College Democrats sent a letter to Governor Martinez asking pointed questions about her plans for the position. In the letter, NMSU College Democrats emphasized the weight this decision carries on their education and questioned Governor Martinez’s motives, “We are requesting information regarding the reason why President Carruthers’ willingness to continue working for our school has not been accepted. Our school needs consistent leadership, and the arduous process of finding a new president would only lead to more uncertainty. There is no clear reason why President Carruthers’ removal would serve our state, and it only leads many to question whether you have other plans for this position.”

The NMSU College Democrats letter is available here.

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